• Most simply put: Reconnect and Resonate with The Eclectic Podcast that takes a Deep Look into Topics Involving: Life, Science, Psychology, Art, Humanity, Curated/Popular Media, and The Human Condition. Unscripted, unfiltered, honest and authentic and occasionally for passion and/or comedy's sake - hyperbolic.

    By discussing a wide-variety and range of topics, co-hosts Zach and Elaine take you on a listening discovery and learning-based journey that explore eclectic topics that expand our minds, deepen our hearts, with the goal of reconnecting us towards (com)passion for: life, interests, and one another. To instill and distill knowledge that is both experience and research-based, we delve into existential, philosophical and interesting conversations that probe into the deeper meaning and context of a given topic. We are happy to share this fun, weird and interesting experience that's never dry.

    Moreover, this format also provides the opportunity for hosts and guests to connect on a deeper, but also relatable level, in the backdrop of an ever-increasingly disconnected and neurotic world. There are eventual plans to share this opportunity at voice with experts and listener's alike to distill such topics in detail. Your voice and expression matters!

    Due to the passions/enthusiasm of our hosts, this podcast may contain some explicit language and occasional F*-bombs, but always refrain from being distasteful, or excessive in nature. It should be considered generally safe for most listening audiences.

    This podcast is continually evolving, so we are open to suggestions and feedback.

  • Meet Zach

    Zach was a lab-manager in a genetics lab at CU Boulder (has been published) and has previous to that, he worked some in tech. His interests include science, research, movies, video games, design, programming, conversations and engineering and technology. He enjoys positions that place him in leadership roles, where he manages not with an iron-fist, but from the prospective of being genuinely down to earth, knowledgable and always willing to lend a helping hand.

    For the past, nearing eight-years, Zach has been dealing with unexplained chronic health issues. For almost two years, some of these issues finally manifested and resulted in serious health consequences he is still facing to this very day. While things are getting progressively easier with time, it is taking a lot of work for him to get back on his feet and reassess his purpose in life. The polyChromatique podcast is a great creative outlet and medium for creative expression for Zach. He has been playing around with the web since he was 11, and began coding websites when he was 12. When he was in high school, he won 1st place in a web-design contest, beating out 350+ competitors. He is happy to lend his hand/skills with working on the polyChromatique podcast's website.

    Meet Elaine

    Elaine is a compassionate and genuinely gifted counselor, who previous was an entrepeneur who ran her own successful business for the prior 35 years. Her interests include science, art, horses, movies, conversations, and has a knack for bear design and putting together stellar outfits! She genuinely enjoys real connections and real friendships and tends to place herself in positions of leadership, or places where her (com)passion can make the deepest impact and in many cases, those are impactful client experiences. Elaine genuinely originates from a place of love, peace, respect, kindness, dignity, grace and integrity.

    Prior to moving back to Colorado, just this past year and a half, she spent the prior 12-13 years living in Laguna Beach, CA. She went out there to receive her education and obtain intern and field experience, at one point working for a major psychiatric hospital. She prides herself in making a measurable impact in improving the quality of people's lives.

    When she's not podcasting, or working with clients' needs, she can be found unwinding and spending time with her horse. The polyChromatique podcast has also been an excellent source of creative juices and long-needed creative expression/outlet for Elaine. She believes everyone has a voice and deserves to have theirs heard. Now it's your turn Elaine to share your beautiful, soul/hearth-felt voice with this world!

    Meet Miss LG! (and sidekick extraordinaire!™)

    They say "three's company", but not true here! Don't worry though, she won't come knocking on your door, cuz she's claimed! She's ours!!

    Miss Lynxie Girl (LG, Lynxie, Lynxor - for short) is a Lynx-Pointe siamese native to the Irvine, CA area. As a "cali-girl" she has never gotten over the glamor and style of her origins in the CA! Now, her cold butt is in Colorado, she is a bit more dubdued, but she's making it through!

    When Lynxie girl isn't laying around, she usually loves spending time with then other two co-hosts and keeping them company when they podcast. She can never wait until Zackie puts down his food, as soon at that happens after dinner, she is right on his lap. Similarly, she cannot help, but rely on Mommie in the mornings for her delicious frozen pucks, that are gormet micro-wave-thawed to her satisfaction, and insatiable appetite, every time. As a matter of fact, she sort of enjoys being a pain in the morning... well, not really. She just fiends for her pucks... OKAY?!

  • The polyChromatic (aka. polyChromatique) podcast was devised by mother and son duo, elaine and zach and conceptualized over the course of the past three years, starting mostly in mid/late 2019. elaine conceptualized the naming of the podcast, and zach conceptualized the design and branding. Our conversations sometimes took us in unexplained, far-off places, while other times, we noticed with certain topics we "solved it", by working from the whole issue together, to breaking it down into its individual components, and eventually into distilling down a topic/issue to its core issue/theme.

    Most often, these were impassioned conversations oscillating between emotional topics to more logical and pragmatic ones. With this, we knew our conversations were mostly interesting, owing to the way we ask questions and attempt to answer them and we generally engage with the topic in a way that distills and instills potentially new knowledge.

    For thosr that have whom have been incidentally been within earshot (or in company with) our conversations, generally many have enjoyed listening to the deep and open nature of our conversations. Likewise, we have always enjoyed in engaging in these sorts of conversations with others.

    The history of these converations harkens back to "solving the world's problems" as both josh (zach's brother) and zach used to describe them. While these conversations might not truly bring resolution to the problems of a given topic, they did provide some discovery to a given topic. Likewise, the conversations were usually lengthy form of escape, for which it was almost impossible to physically peel-away, or end the conversation as it neared 3AM and slow-advances towards the door usually just extended the conversation to sitting on the steps. Regardless, as we knew back then as we do now, these sorts of deep, existential and ideological conversations about the world did illuminate, or help expose some aspect of it that was previously unrealized/under-appreciated and would ultimately shape our future knowledge, or opinons of such subject matters. Looking back, there must have been something genetically provided us great chemistry to engage in a topic, share our personalities and affect in a way that provides the ideal sort of interplay for discourse.

    Likewise, the polyChromatique podcast provides a similar, unscripted, yet smooth discourse that plays out over the course of two similar and yet different personas and thought-processes that were essentially two independent brains that were somehow wirelessly connected together to provide a sort of verbality (and at times verbose) analysis of a context and/or topic. Ultimately, it shares in the idea that when people put their minds together, magic can and will happen. Similar to emergent intelligence, whereby when a group of people are challenged to guess the number of beans within the jar, when averaging the over-estimates with under-estimates, you will find this coalescence of guesses proves to be surprisingly accurate. An analogy to this phenomenon is how super-computers (a collection of many individual computers connected to one another) can solve, or model and/or simulate the real world in surprisingly accurate detail.

    The more compatible minds that work together the more efficient we can derive, analyze and come up with an answer and moreover, the more we can convey distill and further instill such experiential and research-based knowledge. We many not know everything and sometimes our knowledge might be generalist in nature. However, that's where you and other experts may come in to field such voids in knowledge.

    We want to further our goal of inspiring others to express and share their voice, along with imparting our goal of sharing peace, love, compassion and "no-labels" vibes with the rest of the world.

    This is very much a passion project for us. We have invested heavily to bring you the highest-quality production that we can currently put together, in what limited free-time we have available - and we believe that effort is really evident. With that being said, if you enjoy it, are inspired by it, have suggestions, or you want to support us (monetarily, or by volunteering your time), please don't hesitate to reach out and contact us. Even without prior context, we are curious and would love to talk with you and get to know you better. Sharing is caring. We'll also consider at some point setting up a patreon account, or accepting donations via other means.