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  • Hiatus and Subsquent Resumption of New Episodes - COMING SOON! published Mon, 28 Aug 2023 12:07:30 -0600 by admin

    I can't tell you how many times I have typed up a rather long news update, only to lose 20-30 minutes of work (twice, if not three separate times, on three separate occasions) either due to a form submission problem, the URL moving away from the existing page, and/or stray middle finger tapping the touch bar on my Apple M1 and grazing the back button/key to the previous webpage. The browser blindly complies and hence I lose my updates... every... time. I'm serious and not joking about this... at all. Given that's what's happened, here's the abbreviated and hopefully I don't lose this update too: - I was hospitalized and nearly intubated and put in the ICU on a ventilator (Zach here, on June 25th). My Mom and myself have had continued breathing and energy issues that persisted for around 6 weeks and it's been about 2 weeks since my Mom's fatigue finally let up and mine let up closer to 3 weeks ago. Together, we have both been sick three times this year, kicking off with COVID towards the end of Feb (symptoms continued for 6-8 weeks), another random cold, and most recently human metapneumovirus that lead to reactive airway disease flareup for me and nearly landed me on life support. I'm actually still on nocturnal oxygen (but have shed the daytime and out of the house tank), and unfortunately I'm still dealing with slight uncomfortable congestion when laying down at night to sleep, trying to get comfortable, and definitely also upon awakening. Additionally, although I cannot speak for my Mom, for me, although my issues are mostly resolved according to my new pulmonologist, he said although rare, a similar thing can and probably will happen to me at some point in the future - except I may actually land in the ICU and be intubated - so to be careful with the reawakening of my asthma (which I mostly have grown out of) and realize that under a lunar alignment that my reactive airway disease is a serious issue, but fortunately, I respond well to inhaled steroids and to play it on the safe side, I will be following up with him at least once more, if not a few more times after that. Not my last visit with him just the other day, but the one 7 weeks ago, he did a pulmonary function test and fortunately it was normal (according to him). If I'm honest, however, although I am doing much better, I do feel like there is some permanent damage/lingering symptoms that are minor (but annoying enough to bother me). While I mentioned the congestion when layinf down and popping in my throat/neck, he doesn't seem concerned. Additionally, I still experience some desaturations of 88-89% sometimes briefly when I sleep. Fortunately, these desaturations are read by my garmin watch (which is fairly accurate, when compared against my finger oxygen pulsimeter - which is closer to clinical-level accuracy) only transiently happen. Regardless, however, I do notice. I feel better when administering nocturnal oxygen therapy... so it is something I'm going to follow-up and insist on, if things continue to trend as they have. I actually lost quite a bit of weight back when I had obstructive sleep apnea back when I used CPAP. The problem though, was I developed aerophagia and really needed BiPAP, or more ideally VPAP. I'm sure some might argue that is overkill, but if I could have treated the issues, with not having to continually breathe against the PEEP unassisted and have that air divert into my stomach, due to a hernia, I would still be using it to this day. I just naturally felt better and I effortlessly lost both midsection/neck fat (that wasn't the goal per se, but an added benefit), plus I just felt more awake and a truer sense of getting closer to "well-being" and it enhanced my sleep. Anyways, I digress. The point is, my Mom and I are doing much better. Not perfect, but much better than we have been. We both have been on and off sick so much of this year that it interfered with the launch of our podcast. For that, we sincerely apologize. Overall, our goal is to return to the podcast and re-incorporate it into our schedules, along with adding working out into that list. While I still am remaining open-minded with looking around for an eventual job, I am grateful to be able to continue my disability - as, with where I'm at right now - I still very much need it, I'm taking that slow but also looking; I'm looking into possible legal options/counsel for the amputation itself; focusing on hospital bills and a list of other things I need to get to; and in general making a focus on being up on the leg as much as possible. Per the latter, keeping up on the leg for two reasons: (1) to rehab/strengthen and get a clear representation of my pain levels as they are truly representative to my activity level so pain can continue to be treated well (rather than under-treated). Also to ensure I get an accurate sense of my residual limbs volume during regular use, as it will be current and down the line, that way I get a representative sample to assess if if/when I'll be able to return to work. Variability in volume (fall into the socket, or can't fit into the socket due to swelling) - natural, or otherwise; higher activity = greater pain and great chance of skin compromise and breakdown. (2) to really assess life after amputations as hard-limits. Right now, I'm still weathering quite a few challenges with adapting. I am keeping an open-mind, but some aspects of this sometimes seem impossible. For instance, I might be able to pursue being up in a vocational/volunteer basis in a lab environment, but only for around 6 hours before I get into problems and derail. Truly, being up for 1-2 hours isn't a problem; being up for longer is. Also being in the socket for prolonged periods (even with sitting) is also a problem. So the question is, is this truly how the new normal is going to be, forever? If so, then I really question my ability to work at all, going forward. So basically function, pain, and balancing job and life responsibilities with it; the real question is how much of what I'm experiencing demonstrates the current phase of my recovery (and are not actual static/permanent limits to my future function). Similar to pain, what are the limits on my skin breaking down, the socket never quite fitting correctly - can that be fixed, or do I need to wait (since there are a limited number of revision sockets that insurance can pay for) - whilst also imagining that I need to adopt a representative "as close to active" activity level to identify and address these limits. And of course, of most importance, what do these final limits look like. For instance, what does my future look like? Will I be stuck on disability? I surely hope not. I'm really trying, but I also need to be fair and not completely over-do it, either. It seems like my employer's disability insurance company are sane-in-mind enough to understand (thankfully) that I'm truly trying to achieve a new sense of normal, but this is far from a "normal injury that required surgery (or typical 2-3 month recovery time-frame). Aka: I'm challenging myself to honestly do what I can and unfortunately (perhaps fortunately), I'm just not to that state yet. I'm not sure when I will be, and which limits are permanent and which will ease with time and as a result my function will increase to the level that hopefully, doesn't feel so damned hard, hurt so damned hard, or sometimes feel like my life is never going to be the same - so damned hard. I'm remaining open-minded and an optimist. However, at the same time, although I am very appreciative for the continued LTD coverage I am trying to explore and strive for a potential future without it. All I can tell you, is technically, I'm only about 6 months into it, since things were long and protracted and only started truly rehabbing starting in Feb... the rest way just suffering in silence and unable to rehab. So anyways, I apologise about going off on a tangent here. The point is, my mind and being is continually preoccupied with a bunch of other stuff, such as: - Disability (something I still very much require) and the question is how long until I restore a base-level of function that is realistic and acceptable, will it get easier and can I be covered indefinitely - knowing that I'm trying everything I can. It's not like I'm living super comfortable/posh on 60% of my pre-disability earnings, I have aspirations and other life goals (I'm not giving up), but I hope compassion continues to drive the LTD and the conversation and realization that I'm literally doing all that I can. All things considered, I think I'm doing amazing. - I am inundated trying to explore legal options / counsel; reliving the trauma - Following up on-going health issues and concerns - Challenging myself, whilst also trying to be realistic and not overdoing it (for instance, I would love to have more of a normal life, but is that possible if my skin is breaking down and I have a career / livelihood on the line (and have to choose between ignoring a leg wound and subsequent infeciton, or lose my job, healthcare and support structure) - More phyiscal therapy? - Hospital bills and other expenses, including resuming payment on my student loans (God... why did republicans have to kill the student loan forgiveness?! I paid them always on time, even when it's been financially difficult and as a result, I don't get any relief, even with an amputation). I will call the hospital, but they are expecting my co-pay/out-of-pocket of $2000 and another ~$750 in medical bills - elsewhere. Currently paying for COBRA too - I want to start working out (exercise), but the goal is to not overdo it. So while that might work now, especially with getting stronger and testing out the waters, if I have to manage other life responsibilities (grocery shopping) in addition to work, etc... it may turn out to be too much. But for now, I'll consider light workouts/yoga and consider a monthly YMCA membership - Support groups / potential therapy (presuming I can afford it). I don't feel mentally unstable - nor any sick thoughts of harming myself, but I would be remiss if I didn't say I am looking for creative outlets for expression, being heard and attempting to resolve what is otherwise a bad situation that requires some resolution. With that being said, I am leading a group (at one of my support groups I attend not this Wednesday, but the following - and I need to prepare for it!) - Learning a new skill? - A more accessible schedule that includes better balance; and adds the ability to fit in some game/escapism time (which I currently lack). - Relationships, girls, dating? - A good renewed life, with good work/life balance, schedule/structure (hopefully flexibility for doctor appointments), a living-wage, make more friends, and will rhere ever be not only another girl/love interest on the horizon? What about a soul-mate (truly this isn't my #1 priority), but I'm very much nearing midlife, if I'm not already there. I want/need to consider kids, etc.; but the world is so damned hard and scary. Believe it (or not), but even with earning better pay just a few years ago compared to 10 years ago - due to the standard of living and skyrocketing costs for even basic stuff - in some ways, it's even harder than it was before - even with the better pay - I want to revisit this site, maybe work on another CMS. I didn't receive formal training with programming (or the like), but I hope through passion/vocation I can get back into it (either that, or some other creative and expressive pursuit (perhaps writing) that brings me happiness and such a gift might be able to be leveraged - naturally - to earn not only a reasonable living, but an excellent living So suffice to say, here is just a few of many things on my mind. There are so many unanswered/uncharted aspects. While this might seem like a disorganized and chaotic mess, please realize this is the 5th re-writing of an update, so please excuse the lack of structure. What this all means is that you can expect for us to be putting out regular episodes again on a monthly basis (roughly, more/less) from the time the new one drops. We of course, look forward to re-commiting to it, but we need to break the ice with another and rebuild our momentum. Just know you are loved and appreciated for listening to our podcast, making it a part of your everyday and supporting us. We intend to put out even more, but we don't want to over-commit until we re-develop some structure into our shared workweeks. For this reason, probably less frequent at once monthly to start, may ramp up from there, but I would rather we commit to once monthly - get a few podcasts ahead before increasing the frequency of the releases. If it can ever get to the point that we have 4-6 unaired episodes, are able to record 1-3 per week (not every week) and keep headway, then I could see us eventually returning to the goal of twice monthly, and even potentially to once weekly. We live in a chaotic and difficult world. We all feel this sort of dread and we do our best to divest and wear our hearts on our sleeves. Because of this, I wish you all - including myself, that we be enveloped in prayer and intention (not contention). That the cosmos listens to your needs and to your plea. That, the earth and mother nature reminds you, through her wisdom that she is there to support you - through each and every breath. If breath starts to become abated, given your own suffering - let ie be known that she feels your suffering and is supporting you right now - in the present moment - in this space; just as you hear her outward cries, for a planet that is suffering... together, we can mend it. Similarly, if you feel overwhelmed and on your own - often suffering invisibly to the world - let it be known, that doesn't mean that you're not important, or that your pain (or lack of sense of overall well-being) isn't a priority - because it is... it is for all of us. However, we must choose to be gentle and kind to ourselves, before we an offer it up to others. And if you are feelinge specially alone/scared and worried about the future/unknown/staring into the aether... into the abyss: I want you to believe that you have been blessed by a higher power/being with a spirit guide/friend who is continually watching out for you. Amid all of the chaos, disorder and hurt in the world - it can become easy to adopt and foster that hurt in your heart, from an empathetic lens of being highly-sensitive and naturally caring. Sometimes, this can feel like hell... but it's important to remind yourself with such pain, you are surrounded by such beauty. Be thankful for the simple blessings of your next breath, for family/friends a good job and/or a good doctor. Think that past all of this fear, you are being watfhed out for and guided. You are being kept safe. Please trust and believe in it, even in times where it almost seems impossible to believe it. Why? Because there is hope, there is good in this world and now (even more than ever) we need to encourage one another to believe courageously that everything is going to be ok, to cast aside our own individual fears and do our best in knowing when we choose to aid in the suffering and pain of another, we too are not only rewarded, we are healed and we are mended by it. I wish on all of you, peace, love, and well-being. I will be contemplatively asking for the cosmos to please listen to all of us, as we reach out askign for the assistance, security, and support we seek. She hears your cry, just In the meantime, I just wanted to apologize if any of you miss the podcast and feel like we mis-represented. That wasn't our goal/intention. We were totally jazzed about about it. I still am. But life gets in the way of life. Try to practice patience and forgiveness. We especially, in today's world, need to practice self-love/care/appreciation - for without it, we cannot truly love life or love others, without first loving ourselves. May you all be blessed by a sound soul - that dwells within a sound mind and a sound body. While we canot control all aspects of our lives, nor what happens to us, worrying about the unknown (or that for what we cannot control) alone cannot fix it. Let the present moment be the teacher and actual measure of our well-being; with that, I don't mean reflecting on past, or future; with that, I mean filter out and cast aside all feelings, except for those that are so elemental and basic. I hope/pray and send positive vibes that everyone is allowed a moment of clarity: where they can let go of everything and by living in this moment together, discover peace in our minds, bodies, hearts and souls. Sometimes it just atarts with remembering really how to breathe. Sometimes it is reminding ourselves about what is important and being thankful for the sun kissing our skin, or for the birds churping outside. It is also important to remind ourselves that we can find inner peace, by trusting the universe (or more directly, our shared spirit friend) is watching out for us and ensuring our collective financial needs are met, that our basic health and well-being are met, and that our importance of belonging and purpose are met. If for whatever reason they are not, fear not. Let your intention be known, let the cosmos know what you need. Ask for it outloud - especially if you are alone and reading this in the moment. Hold a profound trust and belief your mind, in your heart, your body and your soul - your complete self that everything will get better. It's going to take time. But with that, it is also very important to thank the cosmos (or your higher power) for being grateful for all of your blessings. Don't look at this as an obligation, or topic of guilt, nor shame. Rather, see it as a time to celebrate all that is going right with your life, all for which you are grateful for. Follow your acknowledgement silently with a smile and realize how different processing gratitude in this way feels and how such practices can eventually lead to lasting and profound positive effects not only in your own life, but also in sharing an undeniable positivity about the world with others. It is through belief and faith that together we can make this happen. Thanks for your continued interest and support. Likewise, thanks again and be well. Until next time! ;-)
  • COVID published Mon, 03 Apr 2023 11:18:14 -0600 by admin

    Hey everyone. Just reaching out to let you know that we have been sick with COVID this past week. I think we are unfortunately going to have to take the week off and return for a two-week follow-up podcast. While my Mom didn't have it as bad, I have been dealing with both cough, flu-like symptoms and what's worse - nausea (which has continued, but especially worse early on). Anyways, thanks for your continued support and we look forward to putting out a new podcast ASAP.
  • Lack of Updates published Wed, 22 Mar 2023 10:24:36 -0600 by admin

    Hi there. Just wanted to provide a quick update. I apologize that it has been 10 days without the release of a new episode. While we had planned on recording one on Monday, work has been stressfilled for my Mom and I have also been going through quite a bit of emotions myself. We would appreciate your feedback when it comes to episode ideas. March for us on record is one of the hardest months for a variety of reasons. This time of year has weather that matches the feel. So anyways, if we are unable to put one out this week, we will certainly get to one this weekend. We'll update you again in the event those plans change. Thanks for your continued support through this time. We truly appreciate it!
  • Next Podcast Airing and A Few Site Updates published Fri, 24 Feb 2023 11:36:58 -0700 by admin

    Hey there, how is everyone?! Anyways, just a really quick update here. I have updated the episodes section on each respective page to populate from our database, rather than pulling dynamically on-demand with each page visit. This is not only better for the server, but moreover, also for your site experience. You should notice that the pages load faster now as a result. However, with these changes, it also means that we'll only be pulling the most recent episodes from our RSS.com podcast page only every 5 minutes. So when a new podcast lands, it may take just a little bit for the server's cron script to catch it, before it's released here. If you find duplicate episodes listed, it means we made some sort of change to the podcast's information. Eventually, I will filter these results out, but they do provide a good history snapshot, for those circumstances. Finally, as you may have noticed, we have added transcripts to our podcasts that are generated via vosk and recasepunc, from the official vosk website. We cannot thank them enough for these FREE language models. It takes around 10 minutes to generate a transcript for a 2 hour podcast using the command line. We'll be adding this to our regular workflow, but it's our intention to eventually come back and providate editing to the episode transcripts as there is a 3-5% error rate, and also because it doesn't label the speaker. But, by posting them immediately and later editing them, it should offer us a chance to increase our SEO score, non-artificially. Finally, as far as updates regarding myself, Zach here: I have been having it really rough. I am having a hard time with PT, breakdown in the skin with my leg, prosthesis socket fitting issues and also still find the idea that I'll be dealing with this for the rest of my life, really... really challenging. I have been trying to practice grace with myself and trying not really to maintain positivity, more than neutrality with the thoughts that these challenges and difficulities are life long and change so much about myself. Also, I am having to content with the idea that I don't have a job to go back to. I plan to volunteer a few hours each week, in the next few weeks to month (or as I'm able), to test the waters and for the normalcy. I wish I was relishing with my time on disability and while in some ways I have been enjoying time sleeping in and attempts at relaxation (some of which are successful), I'm anxious with the prospects of juggling a new job. I don't know if I'll be forced into a computer job of sorts - going forward, if my employer will be understanding with my limitations - especially around weather and not overdoing it, and finally I'm uncertain if I'll be able to find as a rewarding and identity-reaffirming job with a boss that is an anti-micromangager and a job that can offer me more certain security. There has been a lot of beauty in living vulnerably over these years, but I need both an increase in pay, along with an increase in job security. I am tired of living on edge, for so little pay, but I would choose less pay if it means the difference between enjoying myself at my job, vs. hating my job altogether. Finally, I have just been watching season 1 and 2 of Nirvanna the band the show. It's sad that there isn't a third season, and may never be one. It's one of my all-time favorite shows for how it blurs the lines between story telling, reality and shock value. Its clever. Matt Johnson, the director, is about to release his third directoral/screen play debut, with Blackberry (2023), a movie that is slated for june that has already received a rating of 100% on RottenTomatoes and if you look at the reviews for his show Nirvanna the band the show (no relation to Kurt Cobaine's Nirvana - no, it's much funnier), then you will see the show too received crtiical praise. The biggest problem is it has largly flown off the mainstream's radar. It has a niche, but extremely dedicated following. It used to air on VICELAND from 2016 to 2017 and features the real Matt and Jay, who are clearly best friends and use their childish-schemes, unabashedly and failingly to get a show at the Rivoli. However, Canada divsion shut down and so now season 3 is in limbo. They make creative use of fair-use law and really push the limits on everything. Anyways, I hope one day I'll be able to have Matt Johnson on this show to interview him. We're both the same age, from the same 90s video-game console generation, so I especially appreciate the popular-media references and other nostalgia it exploits my heart strings. Besides, he largely reminds me of the type of random stuff my friends and I would dream up during our childhoods and I find comfort in watching that sort of stuff right now. I really haven't grieved over the loss of my leg, or fully-pursued legal options yet to remedy what I constantly and continually feel is a complete shit of a situation. It can feel helpless at times, so I'll take the distractions and truly hope if I hang on for the next two years, the promises/assurances from my physical therapist and physiatrist come to fruition because I cannot stand to live this way forever. I can't. I digressed. Anyways, if you are passionate/willing and would like to volunteer to help us transcribe our podcasts, we would absolutely love your help. Please let us know by reaching out if you have the time and interest (even if its just for a few episodes and not an ongoing commitment)! Oh and most importantly, rate and/or subscribe to us on Apple Podcasts!! It would truly help us out! We might plan a day for all of our listeners to subscribe so we can maybe get pushed to the front page. We are doing everything we can, including taking the time with the transcripts to improve our rank.
  • Unfiltered Special Podcast Drops Tomorrow published Sun, 19 Feb 2023 17:28:16 -0700 by admin

    For those of you that take the time to visit the official site, we wanted to share with you that we will be releasing a special edition of the podcast tomorrow at 7AM MST. The episode delves more into the lives of the co-hosts. Consider it our effort to come across genuine and authentic and we ourselves are the topic of the podcast!
  • Energy bill decoding key from the 3rd podcast (2-15-2023) published Wed, 15 Feb 2023 20:52:14 -0700 by admin

    Line Item Name Description / Purpose Service & Facility meter on the home, Xcel reading the meter, billing you and providing customer service
    RETOU on/mid/off-peak [missing currently] time of day - only applies to smart meter customers
    Winter Season Ele 1-4 Qtr (Nº 1) actual gas usage for previous quarter. Qtr 1 (Jan-Mar) is the least expensive and qtr 4 is the most expensive (Oct-Dec)
    Spring Season Ele 1-4 Qtr (Nº 2) actual gas usage for next quarter if billing occurs mid month during a quarterly transition period
    Trans Cost Adj charge to pay for transmission lines
    Elec Commodity Adj (ECA Nº 1) the actual fuel cost to generate the energy we use (this is the overhead gas usage, used my Xcel to generate the electricity), previous quarter
    Elec Commodity Adj (ECA Nº 2) current month (for split month adjustments), new quarter if current bill transitions into next quarter of the year
    Demand Side Mgmt Cost helps to fund rebate incentives for home owners to install smart thermostats, LED light bulbs from Xcel, this helps fund this subsidy
    Trans Elec Plan helps to fund rebate incentives for home owners to install smart thermostats, LED light bulbs from Xcel, this helps fund this subsidy
    Purch Cap Cost Adj (PCCA Nº 1) energy purchased by Xcel from a 3rd party, previous quarter
    Purch Cap Cost Adj (PCCA Nº 2) energy purchased by Xcel from a 3rd party, new quarter if current bill transitions into next quarter of the year
    GRSA E electricity rate change that was not paid for in the previous section (adjustment per if they didn’t bill enough in the previous rate charges above)
    EGCRR Feb 2021 and will last until Feb 2024 when Xcel purchased very expensive natural gas from the winter cold snap to cover surge in demand and keep gas flowing
    Renew. Energy Std Adj 1% of the bill to fund renewable energy effort generation initiative in Colorado
    Energy Plan Adj pay Xcel back for retiring multiple coal plants early
    Energy Assistance Chg bill assistance for those in need, passed by Colorado legislature; you can optionally opt out of this charge, but by default you are billed for it
    Franchise Fee (3%) covers the associated costs owed by the owner of the branch to the umbrella parent company, in this case Xcel, 3%
    Therm multiplier cubic feet of gas into therms (Question: what determines the therm multiplier?)
    Line Item Name Description / Purpose
    Service & Facility meter on the home, Xcel reading the meter, billing you and providing customer service
    Usage Charge covers Xcel gets you gas, for instance storage, pipelines, etc (gas infrastructure to deliver gas to distribution hubs, then into your home)
    Interstate Pipeline covers cost to move gas onto Xcel’s system
    Natural Gas 1-4 Qtr (Nº 1) actual gas usage for previous quarter. Qtr 1 (Jan-Mar) is the least expensive and qtr 4 is the most expensive (Oct-Dec)
    Natural Gas 1-4 Qtr (Nº 2) actual gas usage for next quarter if billing occurs mid month during a quarterly transition period
    DSMCA incentive program like funds rebates for home owners to install more efficient gas appliances / insulate their homes
    RDS where is it??
    GRSA-P gas pipeline adjustment cost due to rate change, this can either be in the form of refund for overpaying, or in the form of bill for underpaying - true-up
    EGCRR (Nº 1 line item) repay from Feb 2021 - Feb 2025 when cold snap caused Xcel to purchase really expensive natural gas, previous quarter
    EGCRR (Nº 2 line item) repay from Feb 2021 - Feb 2025 when cold snap caused Xcel to purchase really expensive natural gas, next quarter if billing period occurs between quarters
    GRSA is any amount that is still due to underpaying after all other associated costs have been calculated
    Energy Assistance Chg is an optional charge you can opt out of that helps those with financial need reduce the financial burden of their bills
    Franchise Fee (3%) covers the associated costs owed by the owner of the branch to the umbrella parent company, in this case Xcel, 3%
  • Contact Form is working + Next Podcast published Wed, 15 Feb 2023 12:32:16 -0700 by admin

    Hey everyone, I would like to apologize if over the course of the past few days we have fallen off the map. This is mostly because life has gotten in the way of life and unfortunately, we haven't had the necessary block of time to record and publish another podcast. We're expecting that we'll be able to post another either tonight, or tomorrow. If for whatever reason we deviate from that plan, then you can at least expect we'll post our weekly one, by this weekend, as planned. We also have the contact form up and working, however, it will require for you to be logged into an account using a magicLogin link. For those of you that are having problems with logging in, we'd suggest trying a different web-browser. From our tests, Orion, a MacOS-based web-browser had problems with the forms, but Safari and Firefox didn't. We're not entirely sure what the issue is, but it appears to be browser related. Orion is currently operating under beta, so that's not entirely expected. However, if you find problems with Microsoft Edge, or another browser, please use a different browser to get in touch and with some additional data points, we'll be better able to troubleshoot the problem further.
  • Ability to comment published Mon, 13 Feb 2023 00:00:00 -0700 by admin

    I had just added the ability to comment on episodes when logged in. Most of the site functionality is just very-based functional. I plan on going back through the code and performing a rewrite of the code, proper, at some point. As far as timing of the next podcast: While we have technically been keeping up with our commitment to posting new episodes weekly, last week we were hoping to get two out to you and if everything goes according to plan, we'll be publishing / airing another podcast tonight.
  • Just for a quick announcement published Sun, 12 Feb 2023 00:00:00 -0700 by admin

    While we had initially planned to record our second podcast this week this afternoon - unfortunately, time, energy, and life got in the way - we had to handle weekly grocery shopping and cooking that took longer than we had anticipated. Therefore, we will plan on recording our third podcast likely by tomorrow night. Stay tuned because in this next podcast, we have some announcements regarding a possible guest format for the show - which could include you.
  • This page is under very active development published Thu, 09 Feb 2023 00:00:00 -0700 by admin

    Our goal is to transform the official website into a nexus of active listener interaction and intend to not only deliver on this goal, but moreover, for the system to be so dead-simple that our listeners and fans will actually love to routinely leave us comments, feedback and/or moreover, interact with our podcast. Since simplicity, usability, and modularity are core to our design philosophy principles, we believe this will be a micro-site that you utilize regularly if you are a listener and we believe it will revolutionize site design and login systems for the better. The main take-away is we are not going to force you to remember yet another login/password credential and value minimalism and function over flashy/feature-laden design philosophies. The bottom-line is we're very excited in its formulation and when it's ready, we can't wait for you to see it! I suppose it also invites the opportunity/possibility to shake off the rust and demonstrate some innovative design prowess to add to the portfolio! The commenting system itself will be much more intuitive than what is featured on reddit, or currently on twitter with "thread-based, nested-mess" (as I like to call it!) ♥ ;-)